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The purpose of this site is to facilitate testing of National Health Care Surveys CDA XML documents conformant to HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: National Health Care Surveys (NHCS), Release 1 - US Realm HL7 Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSTU), December 2014 for certification and other purposes.

Release 1.0 of the National Health Care Surveys IG was identified in the Modified Stage 2 and Stage 3 Final Rule and 2015 Edition Final Rule as the format and standard to be used by EHRs and HIT modules to fulfill certification criteria § 170.315(f)(7) Transmission to Public Health Agencies - health care surveys. It is important to note that ONC issued a revised Certification Companion Guide (CCG) on May, 2017 that “Clarified that ONC will permit and provide testing and certification for conformance to NHCS IG Release 1.2 to meet this criterion; and will not require the retesting and certification of health IT previously certified to NHCS Release 1.0.” (See 2015Ed_CCG_f7-Trans-PHA-health-care-surveys.pdf). The NHCS IG Release 1.2 Validation Tool is located here:

It is also important to note, that the National Health Care Surveys (NHCS) strongly prefers developers and implementers to use NHCS IG Release 1.2 to fulfill certification criteria § 170.315(f)(7). (See For more information on the National Health Care Surveys see


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